Use Snappy Tags to label clothes & school uniforms quickly and simply.

Don't want to spend hours sewing in or ironing on name tapes? Need to name their uniform? Snappy Tags is the brilliant innovative tag that simply SNAPS onto the laundry label. Takes seconds to apply, is totally secure and can be reused when they grow out of this uniform.

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Snappy Tag The New one-click method to label clothes

SnappyTag is an innovative product which promises to take the hassle out of labelling clothes. It’s a one-step application. Just push, click, and the tag is applied.

Labelling clothes is a necessary and time consuming chore. Not anymore! Snappy Tags is the one click way to label school uniforms, clothing and other items quickly and securely. No more sewing in labels or taking time ironing on adhesive tags that come off in the wash. Snappy Tags is similar to a small button and very simple to use. You just tell us what name you want to appear on your tags and we will laser etch the name onto the Snappy Tags. Using Permanent EtchRM laser processes we guarantee that the name won’t fade or wash off during the laundry process. So you can always identify who the garment belongs to.

Snappy Tags are fast and simple to apply. Just put the tag into the Snappy Applicator and snap it onto the care label. That way everyone knows where to look for the name. Snappy Tags is very secure and can only be taken off using the Snappy Applicator removal tool, meaning that you don’t have to keep reapplying names! But you can reuse it on the next garment, making it a very cost effective way of identifying and labelling clothes.

Suitable for use in schools, camps, care homes, and anywhere where clothes need labelling. Can be used in domestic and industrial laundry processes as well as dry cleaning.

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